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Living in Pleasanton, California and working all over the country affords me many opportunities. Like most artists, my work stems from my experiences. I enjoy learning about art history, with its fascinating personalities, the many methods of application and the tools and pigments used through time. Add to that the overall study of the human condition and there is a boundless source of inspiration to draw from. Currently, I am working on a couple of projects and will begin to unveil works as they are finished. First, the topic of Immigrants and Refugees is of great interest to me and the wider question of what it means to “Take Refuge”. Secondly,  another interest of mine is “Music and Personal Identity”, how music moves and inspires us and even effects our identity, and how that could translate to painting – how to bring the look, feel, sound, vibration and soul of an instrument or musical style to a two dimensional surface?  As far as my own art history, I began painting portraits 17 years ago, using them to learn the representation of form rather than models of inanimate objects from still life.  By studying with great Bay Area local professionals like Angela Johal and Leonardo Cuervo I’ve gained an appreciation of the great demands that quality artwork requires. Additonally, the Bay Area draws world class professionals with whom I’ve been able to study, thus adding to the wonderful artist/mentors here close to me. The internet even allows for professional artists to mentor other artists around the world and I am pleased to be working with one on a regular basis. My eclectic interests have led me to explore many techniques and styles. Only recently have I chosen to create a website and begin to share my work with a wider audience. I’ll post in my Blog occasionally and even share some photos from my office space some 40,000 feet overhead. I hope you enjoy what you see! Sign up below for updates and to hear about new shows.

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