Dennis Baker


Artwork and Writings

How we view the world can set the tone for our lives. As we move about and experience each day we learn new ways of seeing and thus new ways of understanding. From one angle things can seem dark and ominous. When one sees that same object from another viewpoint it can transform into a filter that brings great beauty to the world. Such are clouds.

If we turn fully around and take in what lies before us we are better able to appreciate not only life’s beauty but our place within it. We are not the center of the universe but it is within us to understand that we are a part of it and therefore we too are universal.

Each day we experience ideas, things and people that imprint their effect on who we become. The sum total of our lives. While it is good to be among like-minded friends perhaps it is better if we step out of our shells and embrace the unknown. Talk to a stranger at a bus stop and try to find common ground. When we become familiar with people who live, speak, dress and act other than us we see life from another perspective. If we care to gain from this experience, this empathy, we grow.  This is where we learn of one ocean, many rivers.

I have been flying for over 35 years and no matter the time of day or year or the weather there is alwaya a sense of gaining and losing. As the landscape moves by a new vista unfolds. Does this get old? It’s really not unlike the rest of life. We wake up each day and become involved in tasks, work, meals, all the things that make up our lives. And at the end of the day there sometimes a slight sense of loss. Was enough accomplished? Did I really enjoy the day or just move through it as required, in a robotic fashion? That there will be another day tomorrow brings a sense of gaining something, unknown maybe. But it’s comforting. Another opportunity to connect to things that matter, like nature, family…. everything. I talk a lot about perspectives I guess because flying allows me to sort of get above the messy things, the roads and cities and political discussions and think about how simple life could be. It may be raining in the city that I leave but sunny where I land, warm and inviting with oceans and mountains. I get to see the flip side of many situations often in one day. Calm and peaceful in the morning before the afternoon thunderstorms bring nervous tention to the airwaves and skies. Every part of our lives moves weaves its way through the rest and permeates how we think and behave. My artwork is a product of everything I experience and it’s no surprise to me that my work is introspective. Flying has allowed me to see the world from many viewpoints and that practice carries into my life on every level, to include the explorations of the methods, history and process of appreciating and creating art, and friendships.

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